Modgy Expandable Vase - LandHo!


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Modgy Expandable Flower Vases do everything a glass vase does except collect dust, chip or break. Available in a variety of designs, Modgy expandable vases are durable and stable enough to hold a flower bouquet. Dimensions: 10.25" X 6.25" Materials: BPA free plastic vase. People have sailed the oceans for thousands of years. Once reliant on landmarks, over time sailors found their way by observing the sun and stars. The invention of the compass in the 12th century allowed navigation when the sky was not visible. A hundred years later, navigation charts were created to map and keep detailed records of voyages. In 1608 the spyglass was invented and helped to spot land, and identify other ships, friend or foe. Dating back to ancient Egypt, lighthouses still play an important part in navigation. They warn sailors of dangerous shallows and rocky coasts, and help guide vessels safely in and out of harbors.