2021 Linnea Design Poster Calendar


Linnea Design Calendars are a beautiful way to mark the time and organize your life! 

New original artwork for every month, and a fresh take on each season.

Size: 11×14″ 

Artist: Johanna Riley.


JANUARY: A new year and and a new beginning—a chance to write (or rewrite!) your own story in your own words.

FEBRUARY: February, the month of St. Valentine’s Day, rekindles memories of gifts and hearts both received and given—as we sift through the accumulated treasures of a life well lived.

MARCH: Honeydew and Darjeeling tea… a simple breakfast evokes exotic places even at one’s own table.

APRIL: When April showers get you down, the best remedy is coloring life bright, bold and beautiful!

MAY: Springtime squadrons of pelicans make their way up and down our San Diego coast as they search the waves for dinner.

JUNE: Tako kichi (kite crazy)! Washington’s International Kite Festival at Long Beach is a chance to see skilled kite competitions and also go “tako kichi” on your own.

JULY: The sights, sounds, and smells of the state fair are a sentimental confirmation that summer is in full swing! Win a prize at the county fair and bring home a golden treasure of the ichthyological kind!

AUGUST: This is the time to reconnect with nature, reset your mind while taking command of your own canoe, navigating your way through chaos to calm.

SEPTEMBER: Having a taste of “somewhere else” is always a good idea, especially at a time of year when the byways are less traveled. Give me a Greek island, bathed in sun-washed white and blue.

OCTOBER: October’s Hunter’s Moon is definitely the end of summer and a sign of deepening autumn as it rises huge and low.

NOVEMBER: Dried Chinese lanterns capture and hold the last of the season’s colors.

DECEMBER: The solitude of a December snowfall blankets the imperfections with beauty and covers the din with magnificent serenity…a time for reflection, a time for peace.