Smart Folding Light


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The Smart Folding Light has a foldable design and magnetic wooden ends that make it possible to create various individual shapes. Its compact design allow people to take it anywhere whether it's the next family gathering or a camping vacation to impress everyone involved with a unique ambience! It doesn't matter if you prefer a cozy, warm atmosphere or a cold, modern look - this lamp has it all! The 3 different light modes -warm light, cold light and fading light- can be switched by closing the lamp and opening it up again. It is easy to build advanced styles by combining mulitple lamps and connecting them to one another through the magnetic ends. The Smart Folding Light is completely made out of renewable and natural materials which ensures that customers will receive a high-quality product that is environmentally friendly. The battery lasts for up to 8h. The USB charging cable is included in the packaging as well as a magnetic hangar to hang the Smart Folding Light anywhere.