2021 Linnea Design Desk Calendar


The 2021 Linnea Desktop Calendar

The 5X7″ Desktop version of the Linnea Poster Calendar lends big impact to small spaces, whether it’s in your apartment or on your desk.

JANUARY: A new year and and a new beginning—a chance to write (or rewrite!) your own story in your own words.

FEBRUARY: February, the month of St. Valentine’s Day, rekindles memories of gifts and hearts both received and given—as we sift through the accumulated treasures of a life well lived.

MARCH: Honeydew and Darjeeling tea… a simple breakfast evokes exotic places even at one’s own table.

APRIL: When April showers get you down, the best remedy is coloring life bright, bold and beautiful!

MAY: Springtime squadrons of pelicans make their way up and down our San Diego coast as they search the waves for dinner.

JUNE: Tako kichi (kite crazy)! Washington’s International Kite Festival at Long Beach is a chance to see skilled kite competitions and also go “tako kichi” on your own.

JULY: The sights, sounds, and smells of the state fair are a sentimental confirmation that summer is in full swing! Win a prize at the county fair and bring home a golden treasure of the ichthyological kind!

AUGUST: This is the time to reconnect with nature, reset your mind while taking command of your own canoe, navigating your way through chaos to calm.

SEPTEMBER: Having a taste of “somewhere else” is always a good idea, especially at a time of year when the byways are less traveled. Give me a Greek island, bathed in sun-washed white and blue.

OCTOBER: October’s Hunter’s Moon is definitely the end of summer and a sign of deepening autumn as it rises huge and low.

NOVEMBER: Dried Chinese lanterns capture and hold the last of the season’s colors.

DECEMBER: The solitude of a December snowfall blankets the imperfections with beauty and covers the din with magnificent serenity…a time for reflection, a time for peace.